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Brontosaurus Movement (Hnutí Brontosaurus)
„Hnutí Brontosaurus“ –„Brontosaurus Movement“ (HB) is a Czech community of children and youth oriented on the ecological education, it takes care also of environment, monuments and of protection of the nature and countryside. Its history goes back to 1974.
The organisation is made by various groups, each one having its own subjectivity, working according to the general programme of the organization. In these days the HB has approximately 850 members formed into 35 groups. The HB co-operates also with other youth and ecological organizations from the Czech Republic and foreign countries.
The 3-day-weekend – events and holiday camps are typical HB activities. During these days members of the HB work for conservation of the nature (planting trees, mowing meadows, work in natural territories, biofarms etc.). Then part of the time they spend working on monuments (reconstructions of castles, museums, skanzens) and the rest of the time is devoted to games, conferences, sport activities etc.– in fact all that we could call the „experience pedagogy“. HB events are organised by volunteers with no salary. There are usually 400 weekend-events and 50 holiday camps, 700 conferences, expositions and educational programmes in a year.
Oficial pages of Brontosaurus Movement are situated at www.brontosaurus.cz and there are some information in english

Club of the friends of Lukov - Klub přátel Lukova
The group of the Organisation Brontosaurus called „Club of the friends of Lukov“ (Klub přátel Lukova) appeared thanks to a group of volunteers helping since 1983 on the renovation of the ruins of Lukov near the town of Zlín. Actually we‘ve got approximately 100 members –70% of them are not older than 26 years. Our main activity are summer camps, weekend-events and education of future camp leaders. The summer camps take place on the castle of Lukov and they are mainly prepared for the youth from 15 to 26 years, or for parents with children. The group of the same age can participate on the weekend-events which take place in the castels in the Czech Republic during all the year.Our activity is sponsored by the Minister of Education, with help of various sponsorships and grants. From the beginning we co-operate closely with local authorities, civil associations and other voluntary organizations.